Bartholomew District Park

Park Description

57-acre park in the Windsor Park neighborhood. Lots of accessible amenities, including playground, picnic/ barbecue areas, and assorted sports. Pool entrance is located at 1800 E. 51st St. Austin, TX 78723.

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Accessible Amenities*

  • Accessible Parking
  • Accessible Restrooms
  • Accessible Drinking Fountain
  • Accessible Playground
  • Accessible Picnic Area

Park Amenities*

  • Playground
  • Trails
  • Soccer Field
  • Basketball
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic Area
  • Multi-Use Field

Detailed Access Information

Park Entrance Fee

Park is free

Accessible Drinking Fountain

There is at least one accessible drinking fountain that is no higher than 36 inches from the ground

Accessible Picnic Area

Paved 36-inch wide pathway to the picnic area, Wheelchair space(s) at tables, Picnic area is level. Some picnic areas are completely shaded, while others are in partial shade. There are seven barbecue grills.

Accessible Restrooms

At least one restroom is fully accessible, Tactile/braille signage outside restroom, The doorway is at least 32 inches wide. Faucets, dispensers, and trash receptacle can be reached from a wheelchair. One stall is at least 60 inches by 60 inches, There are grab bars behind and to the side of the accessible toilet, Accessible toilet is 17-19 inches from the ground, The toilet paper dispenser is reachable/usable, Sink height is no more than 34 inches

Accessible Playground

Paved 36-inch wide pathway to the playground, Some of the playground has a smooth surface (smooth enough for a wheelchair and resilient enough to cushion a fall), Accessible features, Playground area is partially shaded

Accessible Trails

There is a paved trail to access the various park amenities. Trail is at least 36 inches wide, Trail can accommodate two wheelchairs side-by-side, Trail is step-free, There is a curb cut from the parking lot to the trail, Any objects on the path, including trash cans and signs, are within 27 inches of the ground, Hanging objects and tree branches are at least 80 inches above the ground, Trail slope is ADA compliant (trail rises 1 inch per 12 inches), The trail is out-and-back, Trail is partially shaded

Is there something unique to this playground?

Wheelchair accessible play houses for toddlers, two full support swing seats with wheelchair accessible path to swing


Park has a pool at the 51st St. entrance, Pool has a lift, Pool has lifeguard on duty.

Any other park amenities?

A kid’s splash pad, disc golf course, baseball diamond with paved accessible path up to it, waterslides at pool (at 51st St. entrance), basketball courts, tennis courts, one volleyball court, softball fields

Other Park Services


Accessible Parking

At least one van-accessible parking space (96-inch wide with an extra 60-inch wide space for a ramp), Curb cut from the parking lot to trails, Accessible spaces marked with ADA signage

What does this park do well in terms of accessibility?

Wheelchair lift in pool and assist swings

*Data may be incomplete

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